Discover the best malls in UAE

Best Malls in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is best known for vast deserts, fast cars that roam the Structured Asphalt roads, and sleek skyscrapers like the famous Burj Khalifa, the biggest building in the world. Being an Economic hub, UAE is known for massive shopping malls, and if you are choosing a mall, here are the best malls in UAE.

1. The Dubai mall

The Dubai mall is one of the largest malls in the world at large and is situated in Dubai, next to Burj Khalifa, and actually has a metro link connecting both premises. It fancies an aquarium and an underwater zoo that has over 300 species of marine life, including sharks. It is also known for VR Park, Reel Cinemas, Children Park, Rainforest café, and fossils of a real dinosaur, the Dubai Dino.

2. Al Wahda Mall

Al Wahda mall, located in Abu Dhabi, is an iconic retail destination with brand outlets and has a variety of entertainment joints for kids and adults. The mall has over 50 food outlets and is the region's first smoke-free mall. It also has over 4000 free valet parking slots.

3. Rak mall

Rak mall is located in Ras Al Khaimah and homes the biggest flagship store in the Emirates-Lulu hypermarket. Rak mall has a collection of exchange centers, food outlets, and entertainment joints.


4. Marina Mall

This modern facility mall is located in Abu Dhabi and has over 400 high-end retail outlets,high-street fashion brands inclusive of entertainment, cinema, a bowling alley, indoor trampoline park, a 40m zip-line, and an 18m free fall.

5. City Centre Deira

City Centre Deira is located in Dubai and is best known for its shopping, leisure complex, and entertainment housing over 360 retail outlets, multiplex cinema, a children's entertainment center. Here there are over 50 food and beverage outlets.



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Best Malls in UAE

Discover the best malls in UAE

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